Specifics of our services are presented below:

  • Parking layout design based on local government statutory requirements and/or NZS2890.1:2004.
  • Site servicing layout design based on local government statutory requirements and/or NZS2890.2:2002 and the dimensions of the nominated waste management contractor’s truck.
  • Computer aided design and optimisation of car parks.
  • Mechanical stacker functional layout plans.
  • Vehicle swept path assessments and compliance advice using AutoTURN.

Swept_1 (Custom)

  • Ground clearance diagrams.
  • Traffic data collection – traffic volumes, parking beats, vehicle gaps and vehicle speeds.
  • Parking shortfall assessments based on parking beat survey findings, shared use of off-site spaces over time, short and long term duration of stay (turnover) and accessibility to public transport services.
  • Intersection performance assessment using SIDRA.
  • Intersection performance assessment using gap analyses, at sites where traditional ‘black-box’ analyses do not accurately reflect site conditions.
  • Parking management plans.
  • Signage and line-marking plans.
  • Green travel plans – an increasingly common requirement for inner city municipalities where the parking impact exceeds a certain threshold.
  • OHS site traffic management audits and recommendations.
  • Main road site access feasibility assessments.
  • Intersection functional layouts.


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